Florida Gardens Baptist Church
Saturday, April 04, 2020
Loving God. Reaching People.Transforming Lives.


Our mission at Florida Gardens Baptist Church (FGBC) is "to proclaim, in word and deed, the praises of Jesus Christ to the people of Palm Beach County and the Nations in order to make Christ-exalting, fruit-bearing disciples." Therefore, we, as a body, are always excited when the Lord directs people who have this same passion to join us in this glorious endeavor.

In today's society, many churches have watered down or even rejected altogether the biblical idea of church membership. At FGBC, however, we feel strongly that a healthy church is one that proclaims and practices meaningful membership. It is our desire to do our part in restoring biblical, regenerate membership as a cornerstone to church life. Thus, while we might not be the biggest church in the community, we hope that by being wise in our membership process, we might be one of the healthiest.

For your convenience, we have listed the primary expectations necessary for joining our membership:

  • Have a living and active relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Regularly attend worship services
  • Commit to pray regularly for one another
  • Agree to the doctrines, bylaws, and covenant of our church
  • Seek opportunities to share one's faith in the gospel and invite individuals to FGBC
  • Submit to one another in brotherly love, including accountability and church discipline
  • Get involved in some sort of serving ministry or small group
  • Support the ministries of the church through personal time and finances as the Lord leads

It is our firm conviction that you need us as a church, and as a church, we need you. While a church is one body with one Savior and one purpose, it is composed of many different people with many different gifts and tools for serving. We pray that the Lord will confirm in your heart if Florida Gardens is the place for you to invest your life and serve for the glory of Christ and the good of our community.