Florida Gardens Baptist Church
Saturday, April 04, 2020
Loving God. Reaching People.Transforming Lives.

10 Core Values

  1. Christ's exaltation
    We believe that the chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying him forever. Therefore, we, as a church, value singing, teaching, praying, and preaching that is Christ-exalting and that produces in our people a greater love and affection for their Savior. As God's people grow more passionate about Him and learn to enjoy His goodness towards them, God is glorified in both the eyes of his saints and the lost of this world.

  2. Biblical Faithfulness
    We believe that the God-ordained means of producing salvation as well as the equipping of the saints is the faithful proclamation of the word of God. Therefore, we value the word not only as our final authority in all matters of church orthodoxy and orthopraxy, but we also seek to proclaim it and live it out with integrity, faithfulness, and devotion.

  3. The Ministry of Equipping of the Saints
    We believe that every member of FGBC has been given at least one gift of service which God desires that person to use for the edification of the saints, the good of the church, and His glory. Therefore, we value the implementation of a biblically faithful strategy that continually seeks to develop within the congregation leaders and teachers, and also equips each member with the tools necessary to carry out their God-ordained ministry.

  4. Fervent Prayer
    We believe that prayer is the God-ordained means to learn his will, to conform our will to his, to make our petitions known to him, and to intercede on the behalf of others. Therefore, as a church, we value fervent prayer, both corporately and individually. We will encourage the church to seek continually the Lord in prayer and will model it with our staff and leadership.

  5. Passionate Evangelism
    We believe that a responsibility of our church is to proclaim the greatness of Christ to the people in our community. Therefore, we will seek all means biblically possible to communicate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost. Our goal is not to make converts but Christ-exalting disciples.

  6. A Relational Church
    We believe that a church body should be like a family unit. Therefore, we will strive to develop among all the membership real and meaningful relationships. We will develop programs, events, and fellowships that allow individuals within similar age and life stages to gather, as well as programs, events, and fellowships which stress building intergenerational relationships.

  7. Life Change within Our Members
    We believe that a significant part of being a Christian is one's growth in godliness. Therefore, as a church, we value positive life change. In order to see this fruit, we will strive to develop worship services, Bible studies, ministries, and church events that foster progressive sanctification.

  8. Family Development
    We believe that the family is a significant structure designed by God. As a church, we value the family unit and want to seek to strengthen it. Therefore, we will provide events and programs to equip individuals with parenting and life skills. In addition, we will develop godly characteristics in our children and youth with the goal of producing children and students that honor their parents in the Lord.

  9. Generational Development
    We believe that older women should teach and train younger women and that older men should mentor and train younger men. Therefore, we value the process of developing relationships between these two groups of people in order to facilitate the "passing of the baton" to the next generation to ensure that this church is never without godly, trained leadership.

  10. Community Service/Meeting needs of the community
    We believe the church is to be a light to the community. As a result, we value the opportunity to discern the needs of our community and seek out ways to not only fulfill the needs but use this ministry as an opportunity to present the gospel.