Florida Gardens Baptist Church
Saturday, April 04, 2020
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Audio & Video Ministries



This ministry communicates the message of Jesus Christ and supports the FGBC vision to reach the congregation, local community and beyond. Members of this ministry are trained to operate and maintain audio, video, lighting, and projection equipment in the sanctuary and other campus facilities as needed. This ministry develops and produces audio and video resources of the weekly AM worship service, and provides copies for members, visitors, those who are sick, and shut-ins. The ministry maintains the audio upload of the AM Service on the church web site.
Technical support for the ministry includes the following:

Audio Technician:

The Audio Technician operates the audio console, recording, and audio equipment for each Service and special event. The AM Service is recorded to CD to support members' special needs and outreach ministries; it is also uploaded to our web site immediately after the service.

Lighting Technicians/Power Point Presenters:

Lighting Technicians assist with the lighting during the worship services and other special presentations. They focus lights and run the lighting board. Power Point Presenters visually guide the congregation through worship (pre-service announcements, worship service songs, etc). A completed worship presentation is provided for each service, and a pre-service presentation with announcements and events is maintained for each AM Service.

Video Technician:

The Video Technician supports video camera operations needed for worship services and special programs, as well as the projection of movies and special DVD announcements. The video operators record the AM Service and Special Services on DVD. Copies of these resources are made available for members and/or community outreach.

Web Site Support Technicians:

Web Site Support Technicians assist with the maintenance of the church web site and convert the Audio CD of the service to web format.

Audio/Video Duplication Technician:

Audio/Video Duplication Technicians copy either DVDs or CDs of the service or special event, upon request, to support the Home Bound Ministry and get the message to those who cannot attend the services and/or have no availability to the web site.